Falling for Autumn: Vocabulary and English Study for this Beautiful Season

What is it about fall which is so captivating? Is it the crisp air or the colour in the falling leaves? And on an English study note, which expression do you prefer and why? Fall or Autumn?

About My Experience

Personally this may be my favourite season of all. It has always been a classic. It is sad that it is end of summer, but fall also represents back to school and other positives. I look forward to cool weather and putting on favourite jackets and getting outside for a hike or photo shoot.

I associate fall with: maple trees and their spectacular red colour, September and back to school time, apples, apple pies and pumpkin spice lattes, and the beginning of hockey season. All of which to me are quintessentially Canadian.

Let’s look at the following:

  • Vocabulary – choosing to use Fall or Autumn
  • Favourite and Popular Expressions
  • Activities in Fall: Keeping busy and Getting Outdoors

Which word should I use, fall or autumn? 

The choice between “fall” and “autumn” depends on your personal preference or the regional conventions in your area. Both words refer to the same season. “Fall” is more commonly used in American English, while “autumn” is preferred in British English and some other English-speaking regions. You can use either word based on your preference or the context in which you’re communicating.

Fall Expressions

Here are some English expressions and phrases related to the fall season:

  1. “Fall foliage” – Refers to the colorful leaves on trees during autumn.
  2. “Harvest season” – The time when crops are gathered, often associated with fall.
  3. “Pumpkin spice” – A popular flavor and scent associated with fall, often used in lattes, pies, and candles.
  4. “Sweater weather” – Describes the cooler temperatures of fall when people start wearing cozy sweaters.
  5. “Indian summer” – A period of unseasonably warm weather in late fall.
  6. “Fall back” – Refers to setting the clocks back one hour for the end of daylight saving time in some regions.
  7. “Apple picking” – A popular fall activity where people gather apples from orchards.
  8. “Trick or treat” – A phrase commonly heard during Halloween, when children go door-to-door for candy.
  9. “Fall festivals” – Events and celebrations held during the autumn season.
  10. “Leaf peeping” – The activity of traveling to view and enjoy the vibrant fall foliage.

These expressions capture the essence of fall and the various activities and characteristics associated with the season.

What are some recommended fall activities?

Here are some enjoyable fall activities you can consider:

  1. Apple Picking: Visit an orchard and pick your own apples. You can use them for baking, make apple cider, or enjoy them fresh.
  2. Pumpkin Carving: Get creative with pumpkin carving. It’s a fun activity, especially in the lead-up to Halloween.
  3. Nature Hikes: Explore the colorful fall foliage on nature hikes or walks in parks. The crisp air and vibrant leaves make it a beautiful experience.
  4. Fall Festivals: Attend local fall festivals, which often feature food, music, crafts, and games.
  5. Corn Mazes: Navigate through a corn maze, a classic autumn activity.
  6. Bonfires: Gather around a bonfire with friends and family, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the warmth and atmosphere.
  7. Fall Baking: Try your hand at baking seasonal treats like apple pies, pumpkin bread, or cinnamon rolls.
  8. Leaf Collecting and Crafts: Collect colorful leaves and use them for crafts, such as making leaf garlands or pressed leaf art.
  9. Haunted Houses: If you enjoy spooky fun, visit a haunted house attraction leading up to Halloween.
  10. Scenic Drives: Take a scenic drive through areas known for their fall foliage, and don’t forget to stop for photos.
  11. Football Games: Attend or host a tailgate party for a football game. Fall is football season in many places.
  12. Visit a Winery or Brewery: Many wineries and breweries have seasonal offerings and beautiful settings.
  13. Camping: Enjoy the cooler weather and fewer bugs by camping in the fall. Just be sure to pack appropriately for the lower temperatures.
  14. Fall Crafts: Explore your creative side with fall-themed crafts like making wreaths, decorating pumpkins, or knitting cozy scarves.
  15. Volunteer: Consider giving back to the community by volunteering for fall-related events or charities.

These activities can help you make the most of the fall season and create lasting memories. Enjoy the autumn!

I will be excited to chat with you during a lesson about your favourite fall expressions and activities.

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