Remembrance Day 2020 will certainly be different, but I will be tuning into services and ceremonies on local tv. I think a virtual ceremonies will be fine for honouring the veterans and those who served and sacrificed their lives for Canada and Canadians.  

I have a special unit for Remembrance Day study that looks at the poet soldier John McCrae, who served as a doctor in WWI and wrote the world famous memorial poem “In Flanders Fields.” It’s a touching and timeless poem, and in my PDF I include a special set of instructions for poetry study that will assist you in deepening your understanding of the poem and poetry in general.

Students of mine can get the unit for free. Teachers may access the PDF via my site

One of the benefits of using my PDF is I link to some very inspirational video recordings, selections that feature audio recordings of the poem, and background about the life of John McCrae.

Wishing you a great day on this Remembrance Day 2020.


Preview: Click to open in a lightbox. Students can contact me to access the file.

Remembrance Day and John McCrae (In Flanders Fields poem)