Happy fall everyone! I wanted to share a video with you that’s perfect for a listening exercise for everyone who is studying English.

In the following video you’ll learn more about what fall is, from a scientific point of view. This video looks at concepts like why leaves change colour, what the equinox is and more.

Here’s what the video covers:

As the leaves begin to change and the weather turns cooler, this video will teach children all about the fall season and why leaves change colors.

00:00 What is the fall season?
0:37 When is the fall season?
1:14 Typical weather in fall
1:46 Animals and plants
2:35 Why do leaves change color in fall?
3:24 Events and holidays in fall

Handout and Comprehension Questions

Please contact me for the handout so you can study the video with my comprehension questions handy.

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